University; Youth Money and Sex!

It was on Friday afternoon; I patiently soaked the intelligence, I literally chewed on the refined tons of knowledge from the gurus of the spheres. The professionalism in the room was tangible. One lady, unembellished, cut through the apprehension. The room was saturated in wisdom. Clouded in astuteness. Jammed in acumen. Intelligence. Perception.

The USIS discussion café was planned and organized by USIS (University Students initiative to The Organization); to create a platform for members to meet and talk SEX, only a day before the much hyped but obvious ‘middle-of-the-road’ valentines. As most University students boozed out their last few coins of Helb, some students choose to engage, intermingle, challenge, connect, and learn from the horse’s mouth.

As most girls with beaming simulated skins run to town almost naked, while they shuddered their ‘things’ to the nothingness of the night in the dim-lit pubs, I listened to Ken Ouko give me a life code. I keenly watched the comic Tony Mochama bring the house down with poems- poems he claimed to have written in a mental agony some years back- No one believes tony, so I didn’t.

There, in the crowded room, beautiful women with well-mannered, but very sexy dresses spoke progress-instigating wisdom. Together we sat and listened as Silas Nyanchwani narrated his journey as a blogger- winning against all odds. Dr, Chris Hart, and Dr. Nancy from Mater hospital were also in the house. What a platform!

The professors, Dr, Journalists, and Bloggers interacted with USIS members in an open platform. As I sat from my back position, the place with rarely sat-on chairs, I could see the experts breaking down the information. In turns, they all gave a part of their hard-earned experience; free of charge. All that time I could see the focus amid the speakers, carefully navigating between blocks of knowledge evident in their intellect, seeking the take away bits. They depicted mastery only feasible through decades of practice in the heights of challenges.

Somehow, they all made it. And for that reason, for being triumphant, they stood there and gave us the modus operandi- Now you can speak latin. As the students appreciated the efforts of the guests, it was clear their brains could not resist the caress of the shrewd.
The guests decided to take some water, and USIS member gave the stage a shot with a hilarious Skit named – ‘the love triangle’. The skit, written by Nash( USIS treasurer) and directed by Polyne( USIS member) involves two friends who almost kill each other over a girl; actually over sex for neither of the friends loved the ‘scene’ girl. The skit was educative, but the drama and art adopted by the actors made the ten minutes act fill the room with exuberance and simultaneously inviting Chris Hart to lead the school of thought on ‘Love triangle affair’. I know what you think… That was too good to be true uh.. You Missed.
Then Tony summoned Silas Nyanchwani on the docks. The former comrade and renowned blogger detailed his stay at the University with little remorse. When he was done speaking, we all felt some hope … regardless of the late heads-on, we felt an authentic chance of salvaging the petite we can as we clear the 8-4-4. A comrade will always be a comrade. A man of chivalry. Kudos Silas!
No sooner had we thought the fun was over than Scorch bullied our emotions with modern literature- ‘guilty’. The competition was on. In the middle of the discussion, as the icons waited, performers battled on stage with killer lines ferrying poisonous poetry. Addictive poetry. Sedulous Poetry. Scorch said he killed her. He was guilty but satisfied. Joyline thought women run the world, she is proud to be a woman… Sally, African Poetry Nominee- spoken word genre, wrapped up the stage with her lethal flow of the alluring spoke word.
All this time I could pilfer glances. The girls behind me were beautiful- Sometimes plain is the best description. Those girls very just beautiful. Especially the one with a blue dress and no bra. I have noticed with a lot of euphoria that girls in our time are not wearing bras, rather, their short dresses have bowls which support their girls. The soft little helpless breasts are left with a sole choice. Either go up there and show yourself to the municipal or I run and make you peek at men reluctantly. Breasts in trouble. As I listened about the sex talk, I would glance at the girl’s girls, they peeking back above their cleavage like two twin balls of an inverted giraffe, I understood why the talk was incredibly necessary.
Ken Ouko, a sociologist and a professor at the University of Nairobi spoke of Relationships and Finances. How to strike a balance between the hearts and the pockets… His talk warmed up the house. Ladies thought finances was not an issue, Men insisted it is and always will be. The divide saw an hour of war of wits with thunderous traces of feminism. As the waves calmed down, the topic had expanded to include the effect of detrimental egos and negative attitudes in a relationship. Learning was not an option.
All that long Tony Mochama was the man with the mike. Tony- in case you don’t know tony- he is the guy who uses literature for what it is. Tony cannot be described. This is now tony- a picture speaks a million words. He is a blogger, columnist, Novelist and a senior editor. I mean, if you don’t know Tony, probably you don’t know me and so…. That is tony.

Tony Mochama, I and Wellington Nguyo.

Tony Mochama, I and Wellington Nguyo. Photo by Odunga

As the debate on SEX and Youth heated on, I could hear some girls shouting, ‘Dr, Chris Hart, Will my boyfriend marry me? We have sex a lot, I am 23 and a fourth year student’… Personally that is a question I wouldn’t shout, just in case the answer is no, and guys you have denied the cookie will be like, ‘and the way you have sex’. Believe me, all questions were answered. The shouted and whispered issues were addressed. The written was analyzed and summarized as the spoken was discussed.
Godi, USIS Dj closed the event with some good music. Music for a Friday night. And one more thing about Godi’s Music… The music was quite modern. Good Stuff.
Conversely to the Joy of having such a day. I was sad that so many students missed such an inspiring moment doing nothing. Cowering in the corners of their rooms playing little imaginative games while sitting on destructive mentalities of comfort and leisure.

And as talked to USIS members and Executive Later after the event we said, ” Next time it will be better”. It will be better of course. But that didn’t mean the event didn’t meet the expectations, it just means, in USIS aiming higher is a culture, not one time thing.

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