Three -Ten Dates Cookie Women

The axiom that women should play hard to get is outdated, typical, and pure modern bullshit. Those were the rules when my deceased grandfather married my then virgin grandmother. They had a structure of co-existence not a dynamic relationship.

During those days, a woman had to be a virgin or else she would be stoned to death. Her gown had to sparkle with blood after her husband got the taste of her wetness to make her an African woman. After the test, the virginity test, the woman received a lifetime guarantee of an honorable man. Either the woman grows as fat as a hog and as ugly as a sin her virginity was her lifetime ticket to stick in that man’s house like two peas in a pod.

However, in the circles we love and live in, virginity is not as valuable as it was back then. No one cares if you are a boring virgin or an abstaining girl fat as a tick. I must also mention that girls are no longer virgins. They are scarce, if any.

Every girl knows abstaining is not as useful as it was two decades ago. It is also philosophically disturbing to investigate what twenty years of multiculturalism can do a beautiful set of morals. In the 21st century, you can have sex with anyone and get away with it. You will have freedom to try bear like men and still sleep with the weakling. It is all free.

Conversely, girls seek to measure their worth with how many times they sleep with you before when. A war they rarely win. They develop a 90 days bullshit matrix, which men counter with ruthless litigations immediately they get down the pants. During these 90 days, some girls already become Exs awaiting to be done and dumped.

During the first few dates, a gentleman can acquaint with what a woman truly values. And what a woman values becomes her value. During these dates, girls are armed with complaisance to please but not lay. Men on the other hand are strong for the goal. Sex for now, relationships, if any, later.

I write this being cognizant with the facts that women are proud, but men have egos. It is not the same thing. How a woman handles the first few dates determines the longevity of the relationship.

First Date Women- She will lay you on your first date.
They are mostly feminists or horny ratchets. Just draw the line. They are selfish and they do you for themselves, for they either like you or they want something. These ladies do not give a hoot about the fake cockney accents and fake life styles. They are themselves.

If a ratchet, she will always come for more. Don’t be accessible when she comes back.
However, if they are feminists they will not be on hand when the horny Paul calls after a week of the bedmintons, which are in most cases apocalypse. She will have value on her time and she will not dare give you a favor just because you made a small sound escape her throat. And one thing, these ladies don’t lay naked on your bed after the sessions. They are the first to dress up. And whenever they like it they don’t talk about it.
They can sleep with you and not give their twitter handle- That is more serious than cookie.

These women enjoy a superior hand by dissociating their worth from their cookies, they send a dictum down every man’s mind, ‘Sleeping with me isn’t enough. I have more to offer.’ With such a woman, you don’t sleep with and dump. It is always compelling to know her value and most probably reap from it. These cheeky females do the dumping and are very successful personalities. You can find them in the media, business, and fashion spheres. Very cocky females.
My advice, keep such a woman if you have something to offer. They do not carry excess baggage they barely need.

Six dates Women – Women who lay you on your third date.

These women are the transpings of our cities today. They decorate our towns, apartments and lecture rooms. They know the worthless of sex but are not dynamic to go for what they want. Such ladies do not dare talk nicely to a man, they dread to look interested. They are nevertheless willing to dance to the tunes of any newly found suitor. They enjoy a maximum of ten romantic dates and a lifetime of boring marriage lives to which the cling to like baby monkeys. It is too unfortunate that most women belong here, with minimal exceptions.

These ladies dwell in the lie that, ‘I have laid him? I will keep him- Just avoiding too much sampling’, and for they have been brought up to cover their thighs and silence their opinions they stick to that man. They believe men can change.

They match their worth with the number of boyfriends they have had since they lost their virginity. They stick to their ex-boyfriends hoping he will change. They persevere. They become fat after marriage. They become homemakers, and are saved while their husbands get side dishes. They are the common women folk.
My advice, teach yourself to love her if you want a normal life. A life without big ambitions. An average life. Teach yourself to love them because with time they are never good enough.

Ten dates women- she will lay you after ten dates or more.

These girls are misplaced and become Ex-girlfriends immediately you have the first crack of the cookie. They describe their schedules in details making you think they are ever busy. Busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. When they talk, their words are carefully selected you even wonder how old they are. They sound older than your mother.

Such girlfriends attach all their worth to their cookies. They can have a ten hours long chat with you but not give you the cookies. They can hold you down, even buy drinks sometimes, leave their friends for you, but not the cookies. When you date such a woman, you became frustrated and hang along waiting to hit and get rolling. She is already an ex in waiting.
My advice, get the cookies and get the hell out of there.

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